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This is the site the bloggers don’t want you to know about: Only the best travel resources, all in one place. These are made from first-hand experience, by professional travelers and travel writers––the results of trial and error, blood, laughs, sweat, and tears.

We’ve done enough things the wrong way, so you don’t have to. We’ve combed the blogs and the destination guides already, and put them to the test, so that you don’t have to. At Unweary Traveler, we share personal takes on a place, then give links to content elsewhere on the web that is guaranteed to be useful. No need to waste your time searching, just start here.

The site is a work in progress, but we’re adding all the time. If you don’t see the place you’re looking for, check back soon!

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Grand Canyon National Park

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Bears Ears National Monument, Utah

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Latest Journal Entries

Video: Smashing Records in the Adirondacks

A few summers ago I found myself in the Northeast, and decided I wanted to hike some Adirondack High Peaks. I only had one day to work with, so I wanted to make it really count, and I wanted to set a speed record! Here’s the result…

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Camping during COVID-19: Do’s and Dont’s

With most of the U.S. and other parts of the world reopening this summer, campgrounds and public lands are opening as well. This is sparking both veteran and novice campers to pack tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags to escape the city and get outside… but how can we do it safely?

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How to Backpack Like You Mean It

I’ll admit, my first-ever backpacking trip was a disaster. It was three of us setting out on our own, into the woods, in the summer, during a drought, with no idea what we were doing. I had a beat up old pack, second-hand hiking boots, and 16 ounces of water…

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Call for Contributors!

Are you an expert on a place? Want to share your experience with the world? As an Unweary Traveler contributor, you can!

Just tell us what you’re great at and the places you know best, plus a few links to show off your work elsewhere online.

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