Guide to Bears Ears National Monument

Bears Ears is the controversial national monument that was designated under President Obama then downsized by President Trump. It contains a ton of seldom-seen treasures in the canyon country and highlands of Southern Utah, most notably irreplaceable Native American ruins and artifacts. There’s also some really wild landscapes and endless opportunities for recreation. One of the coolest things about Bears Ears, to me, is the lack of infrastructure. National monument designation didn’t immediately come with any new pavement, trails, signs, or buildings (though a visitor center is now being built). Most of the place is totally remote and very hard to get too, and information isn’t super easy to find. I’m proud to have written one of the most comprehensive guides to Bears Ears since the monument was designated. I’m currently reviewing more resources that have come out since I wrote this article, so I’ll add those eventually. For now, refer to this one:

Bears Ears National Monument Overview on Outdoor Project