Quick Update and a Preview

I am now back in Hamburg after spending a full-on weekend in southern Poland. I visited Krakow, Aushwitz, and Zakopane. I have at least one article on the way about my stay in Krakow. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to post it for a few weeks because I’m busy preparing for my next trip.

Early tomorrow morning, I board a plane bound for Pristina, Kosovo—a newborn country of the war-torn Balkan Peninsula. Only recently has the region achieved peace and opened up to tourism. The mountainous border region between Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania has a freshly established transnational hiking trail that traverses 192 kilometers of remote, undeveloped terrain. I am seizing the opportunity to explore a rugged wilderness that few foreigners—in fact, few people—have had the opportunity to experience.

This is sure to be an adventure worth telling about, so check back in two or three weeks for a write up on my travels.

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