Another Friggin Travel Blog?

Tomorrow afternoon I will board the Megabus to Atlanta, then a plane to Dublin, and my Eurotrip will begin. In case you actually care about anything I get myself into while over there, I will be posting on Facebook and on this site somewhat regularly.

Yes, I know, I am traveling Europe and keeping a blog, complete with a cheesy title and slogan, bleh. I would judge me too.

The typical personal travel blog claims to be a descriptive narration that allows us to vicariously travel alongside the writer, but what we all to often read is an egotistical bombast aimed at making others jealous of your “magical” experiences in awesome places that we aren’t. This blog will hopefully do neither of those things.

My purpose here is to write stories—stories that will appeal regardless of where I am in the world, where you are, how well you know me, or what travel plans you have for the future. The nature of these stories will vary, so even if you don’t like what you read one time, please check in later for something new. Some will be reflective, some insightful, some instructional, some humorous, and some just stupid. There will also be loads of photos (courtesy of Jim Janney—thanks for letting me borrow the nice camera!), and could be some other variety like videos, links, interviews, etc.

Expect stories on topics such as: crazy weekends in a random city, avoiding the stereotype of “world traveler,” and tips to travel Europe on a rock bottom budget (assuming I am successful at more than sleeping in ditches and eating dry ramen every night).

For the first story of the blog, check out the previous post, A Walk in the World, from way back in September. That was when I launched this site but quickly lost motivation to keep up with it. This time I will stick to it, at least for the duration of my Eurotrip.

So any time you feel like killing 5 minutes of your life on the internet, please check into for tips, stories, and photos to keep you moving and having fun, whether about your hometown or the entire globe. Just get out there.

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