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Welcome to the Unweary World.

I’m Jesse Weber, and this is my personal website–essentially my online portfolio. Here you will find a collection of writing and photography from my travels, as well as links to content I have had published elsewhere. My hope is that this record of my inspirations can inspire others to get out there as well.

The purpose of UnwearyTraveler.com is to tell stories—stories that appeal regardless of where I am in the world, where you are, how well you know me, or what travel plans you have for the future. The nature of each story varies, so even if you don’t like what you read one time, please check in later for something new. Some are reflective, some insightful, some instructional, some humorous, and some just stupid. So follow Unweary Traveler for stories, photos, and travel tips to keep you moving and having fun, whether about your hometown or the entire globe. Just get out there.

More about the author, and other publications

I am currently a master’s student in environmental science and policy, which explains the prominent environment motif on this website. I live in Flagstaff, Arizona, and am enjoying every bit of the outdoors that this incredible region has to offer, thus the prevalence of outdoor adventures on the site. I have traveled fairly extensively, making it a personal goal to travel outside the U.S. at least once per year, and done a pretty good job of living frugally to make that happen.

I have worked as a science journalist in the past and currently dabble as a freelance travel/adventure writer and aspiring photographer, though school demands most of my time these days. Please feel free to contact me about writing assignments, publication or reposting of anything on this site, or just general questions.


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Meet Jesse Weber, Outdoor Project


You can reach me by email at:  theworldwidejweb@gmail.com



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